House Groups

Singing Group

This is a group of people who like to sing, want to try new hymns and songs. They are not trained singers, have not had to audition. They did perform Roger Jones 'Inn Crowd' at Christmas. New voices are always welcome.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Churches Together by Coral Ryalls
We meet between 10.30am and 12 noon most Wednesdays, starting with a cup of tea and a chat. The group is only small, just six members but with room for one or two more. Our studies cover various Bible Characters (Moses, Elijah, Paul) and themes (Prayer, How a Christian should live, the fruits of the Spirit and who is the Holy Spirit). Currently we considering “Trusting God for a life time” a study on the life of David. The atmosphere is very relaxed, warm and friendly – all of us learning from God’s word. Members contribute as they feel able although it is equally acceptable to sit and listen.

The Last Supper by Maureen Coombs
Thursday Evening House Group
Resurrection by Judy Selbie
Two families alternate as hosts, meeting during term time. The group offers the opportunity for people to attend for fellowship in the evening. We follow prepared courses of bible study etc. and share leadership of sessions. THIS GROUP NOT MEETING AGAIN UNTIL SEPTEMBER