Shaftesbury Fringe bookings

The Church is not currently taking booking requests for 2021 due to uncertainties around the Coronavirus pandemic situation. 

Making a booking request

Please read the following before making a booking request.

Performance content

Whilst we very much want to engage with the wider community, bearing in mind that the building is primarily associated with a Christian church, we have certain restrictions on the type of material allowed in a performance. We therefore request that you give us an idea of the content of your performance when requesting a booking. Material that includes swearing or certain adult themes will not be acceptable. We understand that people will interpret this differently. As a guide, you might like to ask if the content is such that national broadcasters might schedule it in a 4pm to 6pm weekday slot, or if there would be widespread feeling that the content would not be suitable to the majority of younger primary school age children. 


Feel free to contact us if you would like to clarify/discuss the question of content further.

Availability calendar

Suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic situation. 

Click here for availability of rooms.


The building is used for weekly Sunday services (x2) and by various groups throughout the year. Some of these activities will still be taking place during the fringe. We have indicated availability on an online calendar and will strive to keep this up to date as and when bookings/circumstances change.


If you would like to request a booking, then please look at the availability calendar to identify a potential booking (room + time) and submit your request to, along with a description of the content of your performance.

Details of rooms

We have two independent rooms available for performances.

The main church hall

Main entrance via Parsons Pool.


Seats around 100 people on ground and balcony levels in a combination of fixed pews and movable chairs.


The ‘performance’ area at the front consists of a relatively small platform in front of a conventional pulpit. The available area can be increased by moving any/all of the front two rows of chairs.

The Shearer room

Main entrance via Bell Street.


Adjoins main hall via two sets of back to back doors either side of pulpit area. The doors are quite good at isolating moderate noise in one space from the other, but would not be perfect for isolating performance music, singing or similar.


The room is multi-use and regularly re-configured with different layouts chairs and/or tables.


There is a well provisioned kitchen linked via two serving hatches.


There will be a Youth club in the room above the Shearer room between 5 and 6:30pm on the Saturday. This may result in some noise being heard in the Shearer room itself. i.e. from children running around.

Church hall and Shearer rooms video

AV/PA/hearing loops

We currently (Feb 2020) have fixed AV/PA systems available in the church hall, but they are aged and awkward to operate. You are advised not to rely on them. They are available, but we cannot offer support personnel during performances. We hope to have installed a new 16 channel digital mixer with four ‘returns’ by the time the 2020 fringe takes place.


There are no AV/PA facilities in the Shearer room.


There are separate hearing loops in the church hall and Shearer room.


There is dedicated off road parking for two cars on our premises at the rear of the building, but please note that a second vehicle will box in the first and this space is probably best used as a short term drop off/pick up point.


There is a variety of free, short stay on street parking nearby, but this is nearly always occupied. 


There are several paid for car parks in town. The closest is Bell Street car park, less than 100 metres from our building.