Minister’s Letter


From the Minister’s desk:

Dear Friends,


The church at the first Pentecost had one message, spoken in many different languages and in many different ways, and that was to declare the truth or facts about Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension. It was a message that was critical of past actions of the hearers and their leaders, for their part in Jesus’ death, but also a message that held out hope to those same people through Jesus’ resurrection. It is a message of hope that is just as important in our world today, as it was when the church first began to tell its message about Jesus, and engage and build bridges with the world around them.

In recent weeks in our country we have been bombarded with messages, for and against Brexit, it is an issue and way forward that continues to divide us as a country, perhaps the biggest challenge will be, whatever the eventual outcome is ,how we discover what unites us as a country, and how we can celebrate the diversity that makes up the United Kingdom.

On the 30th May the Cricket Fifty Over World Cup will begin, and will conclude on the 14th July. If you follow cricket, you will no doubt have your favourite team, and if your favourite team is knocked out you will choose another that you hope will lift the trophy. What is to be hoped for, is not only are there some exceptional games where the players do justice to their talents, and are played in the right spirit, but that it is enjoyed in safety by the supporters of all the participating countries, and that bridges of friendship are built regardless of which team eventually wins the competition.

What the church declared at Pentecost, is that as diverse as we are, through Jesus death and resurrection, and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, that God has built a bridge of friendship with all of us.

Your friend and minister


Rev Duncan Goldie