Minister’s Letter


From the Minister’s desk:

Dear Friends,


The celebration of Easter is in many ways the celebration of the impossible, that has come true. It was impossible or so it seemed, that Jesus, God’s Son should die on a cross outside Jerusalem, and do so in a way that did not bring condemnation, and the end of the world. But instead brought forgiveness, and opened up the world of God’s forgiveness to us. But that is the reality of what happened. It is in marked contrast to our current world in which extremists of various types take the life of others to further their cause, and the on -going knife crime, in which individuals not only seek to kill rival gang members, but people at random to further their gang career and position.

It would have seemed impossible that the religious leaders of Jesus’ day should not recognise who Jesus was, but that Roman Army Centurion in charge of his execution, who knew nothing about Jesus and God’s promise to send His son into our world, should in Jesus’ death see who he really is.

The Day of Jesus’ resurrection is again God making the impossible come true. But the truth is that Jesus rose from the dead, and we meet him as a risen Saviour. It might not be how or where we expect, but as with the first disciples, including the two walking to Emmaus, we will continue to be surprised by our meetings with the risen Jesus.

There is much in the world today that seems impossible, that a solution or a way forward can be found, whether that is the on- going conflicts or Brexit or knife crime in our own country. The message of Jesus’ resurrection, which seems to be impossible for us, is possible with our God. It is a message we need to hold onto, because our God is a resurrection God, which means the impossible for us does come true.

Happy Easter

Your friend and minister,


Revd Duncan Goldie