Minister’s Letter


From the Minister’s desk:

Dear all,

As I write the weather is changing and we need to say ‘farewell’ or ‘au revoir’ to the warm September sunshine. It has been such a blessing to spend some time walking and enjoying the beautiful countryside.  Teddy is a little spooked by the leaves swirling around in the wind when we go out for our evening walk – just another of those obstacles along the way that help with his ongoing training!  

I have to admit that I am a little cold, I have turned the heating down in response to the rising costs of gas; it has really challenged me that it has taken this news to persuade me to act revealing my selfish response to climate change.  Nicky has challenged us to consider doing 1 thing per day for 40 days to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ – if someone would like to organise this for advent – I would be very happy to receive your offer.                                


I am conscious that for many people the weather has caused devastating damage to people’s homes and lives. There have been wildfires and droughts, torrential rainfall, and flooding. I remember a time when ‘climate change’ was simply a theory, something that might happen in the future. I am becoming more aware of the effects that it is having on our world, and this is only the start.


I am not very confident making crafts; I remember one art lesson spending a great deal of time making a clay pot, it wasn’t perfect, but it was the best I could do. I took it to my teacher who took it from me and threw it across the classroom. Isn’t it interesting how the negative memories last so much longer?

When we look at the story of creation we hear the excitement in God’s voice as he pronounces it all as ‘good’ and ‘very good’ (Genesis 1). Indeed the only thing which he says is ‘not good’ is that Adam was alone. It is more than sad that we have not cared for our world;  that we have plundered the earth’s resources and damaged the intricate and perfect design of our world.


There are two campaigns that the Methodist Church have launched as Glasgow prepares to welcome world leaders to COP26 (26th United Nations Conference of Parties). The Methodist Southampton District are asking people to contact the Prime Minister in early October asking for:

  1. new and additional sources of finance for climate-related loss and damage
  2. an end to all use of public money to subsidise fossil fuels.


In my opinion the Young Methodists campaign is more compelling:  ‘Climate Justice for All’ (CJ4A) are asking for two things:

  • That the highest emitting countries be the most ambitious in reducing carbon to net-zero
  • That communities on the front lines of the climate crisis be equipped for the changes that they are experiencing.


They call on us all to:

  • Listen to those with experience of the climate crisis
  • Call upon representatives
  • Commit to personal change

At harvest we gave thanks for the beautiful world God created and for the food that he provides; may our gratitude lead us to respond to these calls to action.

We continue to pray for Duncan as he recovers from depression and look forward to receiving him back soon.

Your friend and minister


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