Minister’s Letter


From the Minister’s desk:


For some autumn with it is colours and its special beauty, it is their favourite time of year. For others it is a time when the long summer days become a past memory, and the nights begin to lengthen, as winter draws ever nearer, and there is a touch of sadness, especially if you do not look forward to the winter weather.

In the church at times there is temptation to look back to a summertime when there were more that attended church on a Sunday, and every church had an active Sunday school, full of children. The time a head for the church can at times look a bit bleak, or wintery, with fewer ministers to go around the remaining churches, and congregations getting smaller, with very few children.

While the memories of the church of the past are important to us, and it is right that we give thanks for them especially at anniversaries, it is also important that we look for the opportunities that the world we live in today provides us with. Christians are finding new ways of being church, and reaching out to people with the Good News about God’s Son, and what his death on a cross, and resurrection means for people and their lives today. On the 10th November we will be starting a cafe style worship service, still praising God just in a different way. The world may have changed, but God and the Holy Spirit is no less present or active in our world, than in the past.

The Christian festivals that the world about us continues to celebrate, gives an opportunity to tell of God’s love to people, including the up coming Christmas, even if the Christian basis is often minimised, it still gives us opportunities to tell people about Jesus.

The church has always changed to meet the challenges of the present and the future, and will continue to do so. Next year in 2020 we celebrate 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe and the end of the Second World War in Europe, an event that continues to shape the world we live in today, having brought about a new way forward for all of Europe.

We may not know all that the future has in store for us but we can look forward to it with the hope that Jesus continues to give us.

Your friend and minister,


Reverend Duncan Goldie