Pastoral Care

Communion by
Alan Shotter

Pastoral care is shared between our minister and a number of pastoral visitors. Each pastoral visitor cares for and prays for a small number of people. This way they can help the Ministers to respond quickly to anyone needing support. The Ministers have their own programme of pastoral priorities and their own methods of giving support. The Ministers and Pastoral Visitors meet twice a year to update and share particular concerns.

Each week with our Notices we publish ‘Prayer Points’ that draw attention to individuals, and local, national and international concerns that need specific prayer. There is also a ‘Prayer Chain’ of church people who will pray for specific emergency situations when the need arises. We also commend the prayer space on the Methodist website

We also try to keep in touch with one another through the pages of ‘The Clanger’, the church’s magazine.

Pastoral Letter


Dear All


At Easter time we remember with great joy the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The empty tomb, Jesus’ appearance to the disciples and their transformation. As the disciples marvelled at the fulfilment of Jesus’ promise that he would “die on the third day and rise again” the next question must have been “what now?” Jesus told them that it was not going to be as before “I am ascending to your God and my God, to your Father and my Father” and that they were to be his witnesses and to proclaim the Good News of salvation “to the ends of the earth”.  That’s a big job for a small group of people! How were they to start? Jesus gives them another very important instruction, they are to “wait in Jerusalem until they receive power from on high”. 


There has been a nationwide call to prayer (Thy Kingdom Come) to “wait on God” every day during the period of Ascension (10th May) to Pentecost (20th May).

The aims of “Thy Kingdom Come” are:

  • To join in prayer with the whole family of God the Father
  • To pray for the empowering of God the Holy Spirit
  • That we may be effective witnesses to God the Son, Jesus Christ

Knowing that others are praying during this time adds to a sense of community.

At BSUC we hope to encourage you by:

  • Providing a booklet *“Waiting in Wonder” which includes reflections for each day.
  • Providing a Prayer Journal to encourage you to pray for 5 people during this time.
  • Using the theme “Thy Kingdom Come” for Monday Night Praise on 16th
  • Suggesting that you meet up with friends (twos and threes are great) or as a family to pray.
  • Encouraging you to join us at the Tuesday Morning Prayer Meeting at 10:30 at the church.

Prayer is such an important and enjoyable part of our Christian life, to wait on God, to sit in his presence to receive “his power from on high”. I am looking forward to a ‘life transforming’ experience that changes individual lives and the life of the church.

Your friend and minister          Denise