Worship by Connie Nicholls
One of the strengths of our church is the variety of worship styles we enjoy. We have three different hymn books in regular use. A projection system enhances worship on Sunday mornings. Music is provided by the organ or keyboard, occasionally supplemented by other instruments and a singing group. People of all ages take an active part in leading worship. Morning Worship is always followed by Coffee and a time of informal fellowship for those who want to stay.
Sunday Services 10.30 am
Morning Worship
Young Disciples, Junior Church & Crèche
Evening Worship
Holy Communion and All Age Worship as planned
  Evening Worship, except where shown, will be held in the Shearer Room, entrance from Bell Street,



Church Services for February 2018

  Sunday 4th February    
  10.30 am Mr Richard Sinden    
  6.00 pm Rev Denise Binks    Holy Communion
  Sunday 11th February    
  10.30 am Mr Peter Pay    
  6.00 pm Mrs Margaret Whitford    
  Sunday 17th December    
  10.30 am Mrs Linda Catchpole    
  6.00 pm Rev Denise Binks    
  Sunday 24th December    
  10.30 am Rwv Denise Binks   Holy Communion
  6.00 pm Mr Colin Besant