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Sunshine Hour

Sunshine Hour is celebrating just over 100 years since it started in 2016/17. A group of young mothers met together with their pre school children at Shaftesbury Methodist Church to knit socks and balaclavas for the troops away  fighting in the trenches during the First World War. This was also company both for the women and the children. Myra Drake remembers her mother Nellie Roberts talking of how she was taken to this meeting by her mother, when she was a child of about 4 years old.
Over the years this meeting has continued without a break, changing in form as it has catered gradually for a different age range, but always a very welcoming group, The earliest AGM Minutes book we now have starts in 1962 and the records continue through 4 exercise books until the present. It is fascinating to read the reports of their activities, and many well- known local names can be found. Mary Moger remembers going along as a child in the 2nd World War. We have found a membership list of nearly 40 members from 1998 and many names there bring back fond memories.
Looking through the old minute books, support for charities, the Methodist church, Leprosy mission and local needs are shown regularly. There has always been a short time of worship to begin the meeting.  Speakers on various topics are shown and often a coach outing in the summer to the coast was featured. Mystery outings were also sometimes organised.
In recent years men have been welcomed into the group and this has benefitted us all.
We are thankful for the rich heritage we inherit from the past. We value the friendship we experience week by week. We are sure that Sunshine Hour will continue for many years to come.

 On Thursday Oct 11th we all enjoyed an afternoon of celebration of just over 100 years since Sunshine Hour started. After a short time of worship led by Coral Ryalls over 30 members thoroughly enjoyed the singing and guitar by Colin and Anne Marsh. Then we had tea and a special cake made by Maureen Lear (also daughter of Nellie Roberts the child in the brief account of history of Sunshine Hour. Thanks to all who helped to make this happen.